If you’re like most golfers, finding a way to improve your putting skills is always on your radar. If you’re missing those short range putts, not approaching the cup properly on long range putts, and notice that by cutting putt strokes you’ll see a significant impact in your score, it might be time to upgrade your putter.

No, we don’t mean go out and buy a new putter. We mean upgrade your current putter. Here are some suggestions on how to improve the putter you already own:

Thicker Grip
Thick putter grips are more than just a fad. A new grip can mean the difference of finally improving your struggling putting game. But not all grips are made alike. Thicker grips can range from 1’ to 1.75’ (the maximum size as per PGA Rules). Adding a thicker grip to your putter is going to make you feel like you’re using your hands less and your shoulders more, which is exactly what you should be concerned about while putting. Fatter grips can also result in relaxed fingers and less face movement upon contact, meaning more accuracy.

But, be prepared for a swing adjustment. The wider the grip, the more you may have to overcompensate with larger strokes for long distance putts. You may also want to play around with how you’re holding your putter, as the wider grip offers an opportunity to cup your hands and square your shoulders, which isn’t a bad thing, but could take some getting used to.

Take your time and play around with the many different grip types that are now available and choose the one that works best for you. Take weight into consideration, and how it’s going to affect your stroke compared to your current grip. Once properly installed, a larger grip will make your stroke fluid and your shots precise.

Counterbalance technology
Adding weights to the grip of your putter is designed to prevent your hands from taking over your swing. This technology offers more control, and a smoother stroke weighted above your hands instead of on your putter head. With a counterbalance, you’ll be less likely to misdirect your shots, and more likely to let your swing do the work.

When choosing to use counterbalance technology, a proper fitting is the most important step. A lighter grip is going to make your club head feel heavier, where a heavier grip makes the club head feel lighter. Along with the right weight added to your grip, you’re also going to want to ensure your putter is the proper length. This ensures the weight is above your hands, and you get that slick pendulum style stroke.

If you’re in need of improving your game on the greens, it’s worth looking at enhancements you can make to your putter. Having your putter upgraded with a thicker grip and counterbalance technology could mean smooth accurate putts that are going to shave strokes off your overall score.

Our professionals are always available to help break down your putting skills and find the best solution for you. A few lessons also never hurt any golfer. Contact our Pro-Shop and schedule your lessons today.