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Blue & Red Flag Cart Operation Privileges

Blue and Red Flag Cart Operation Privileges

The Seaview Golf & Country Club recognizes that individuals with physical limitations may require some form of relaxation of normal cart use rules in order to reduce physical demands and improve access to the course. Such individuals can apply through the office for approval for Blue Flag or Red Flag Privileges.  Blue Flags and Red Flags do not provide unlimited access to the course and it is imperative that users recognize that power carts can create potential damage and the need for additional maintenance.

Golfers approved for ‘Flag Privileges’ must abide by the following:  

  1. Blue / Red Flags must be picked up in the Pro Shop prior to each round and returned afterwards.
  2. Blue / Red Flag access is granted to the approved individual only. Access does not extend to anyone else who may be riding on the cart.
  3. Blue Flags do not permit you to enter beyond any roped off area or past any directional signage, such as “No Carts Beyond This Point”.
  4. Blue Flags do not permit you to leave the cart path on any Par 3 Hole.
  5. Blue Flags do not permit you to park adjacent to any Tee Box.
  6. Red Flags are granted in cases where there are unusual or extreme physical limitations. Golfers
    approved for Red Flag privileges are permitted to leave the cart path on Par 3 Holes and are also
    permitted to park adjacent to any Tee Box where it is safe to do so.

The use of a Blue/Red Flag is a privilege, not a right, and respect for the course is expected at all times.  Failure to comply with any of the above rules could result in revocation of such privilege.


Approval for Flag privileges is usually granted by the Seaview Board. However, in exceptional circumstances, the Pro Shop Manager can provide authorization. In the absence of the Pro Shop Manager, any Board member can be contacted to assess a request and determine if approval will be granted.

NOTE: As you have been approved for Flag Privileges, your signature will testify that you have read and understand the associated requirements.

Download the pdf form here. Please print and fill out the form. Thank You.