It happens every year, the green jacket gets draped over The Master’s champion, and all we can think about is getting on the course and beginning our golf season.

This is usually when people do their pre-season bag check, hit up the golf stores and stock up on shiny new gear. Unfortunately, to the detriment of their game, this is usually the extent of most golfer’s spring golf preparation. These same golfers typically don’t get themselves to peak performance until the season is half complete.

If you want to get into peak golfing performance faster, here are some great spring golf tips that go beyond dusting off your bag:

  1. Hit the range with purpose – Getting the feeling of the club back in your hands takes more than hitting a bucket of balls. Go to the range with the intent of getting your form back. Practice a short swing at first, keeping your head down at all times. Don’t be concerned about where the ball is going, instead focus on re-establishing your swing and developing the habit of keeping your eye on the ball.
  2. Practice with all of your clubs – I get it. We all want to haul out our Driver and let the big dog eat. However, it’s important to understand that Drivers only make up a small percentage of our game (about 15% – 20% of a round). If you want to get into peak performance early, start alternating clubs at the range. Forgo the rubber tee matt and hit your irons and wedges out of the dirt.
  3. Take some lessons – Don’t wait until June to finally commit to working with the pro at your Golf Club. Golf pros are going to improve your form and have you moving and swinging correctly. Lessons earlier in the season give you a longer time to apply what you learn and will yield stronger results sooner. To book your professional golf lesson at Seaview Golf & Country Club, call (902)-794-4111.
  4. Manage your expectations – Nothing adds more strokes to a golfer’s game then them being dragged out of their comfort zone. It’s spring. You’re going to be cold, you’re going to be wet, and you’re going to be placed into some messy situations. Manage your expectations and show up to your first few rounds prepared (Rain jacket, extra dry socks, towels, etc). While your friends are complaining about the mud, you’ll be calm, cool and collected – the first three ingredients to a great round.

Bonus Tip: Spring is a great time to work on your flop and lob shots. Most courses don’t have their greens ready, and you’ll be shooting at a target zone. Mastering these types of shots now will result in lower scores when the putter isn’t used. And admit it, you needed to work on that part of your game anyway.

The most important step to spring golf is to take your time. Don’t expect to shoot the round of the season in May. Use this time to break down your game, kill bad habits, and practice what is going to make you a better golfer.When everyone else is still shaking off the rust, you’ll be at peak performance with nowhere to go but up. Great time for a skins game.