The snow is melted, and a warm sun and the sight of grass has you thinking about golf. And while the golf course is still a few days from opening, there are still some great pre-season hacks you can do in order to jump start your peak form.

Here are some ways to help make your friends jealous when they’re all showing signs of winter rust, and you’re playing like you spent the whole winter with a club in your hands.

Stretch Goals

Yes it’s important to map out where you want your game to be this summer, but we mean a different type of stretch goal. In fact, we mean it quite literally.

Simple yoga pairs excellently with golf. Not only does practicing yoga strengthen your core, but it also extends your range of motion and lengthens out your muscles, improving flexibility. Tuning in to how your body moves, and improving your flexibility will make your swing flow naturally, help you relax more, and even prevent injury.

Don’t want to turn full yogi and roll into a studio? YouTube has plenty of great videos online that you can follow from the comfort of your own home.

Brain Power

Everybody knows that golf is a mental game. Some of the most epic meltdowns stem from one getting in one’s own head, and not being able to calm down.

The best way to stay calm, or to centre yourself after a bad shot, is to put yourself into a routine. Practice breathing techniques, visualizing shots, and create a pre-shot routine. This is something you can create a habit for pre-season, in the yard, garage, or living room. Find what works for you and repeat it until it becomes your happy place.

Mirror Time

There’s nothing worse than taking a bad shot and having someone from your group tell you what you’re doing wrong. Even if you know they’re right, correcting issues in your swing isn’t something that happens mid-round, it’s something that happens before you ever hit the course.

Practicing your technique in the mirror at home is a great way to see what others see. Something that feels right to you, may not be proper technique and is causing you strokes.

Simply practice your backswing in slow motion, then speed it up, making adjustments where needed. Then move to your front swing, and finally your full swing. Practice each for 5 minutes a few times per week. This might even help you pinpoint areas you want to address with a Pro for some lessons in the future.

Hit up the Simulator

Are you tired of shooting high numbers for your first couple of rounds? Why not shake that rust off early by hitting up a golf simulator.

Not only will you get the feeling of you swing back, you’ll be able to adjust and fix problem areas, or even try new techniques. A simulator can even help you adjust to new clubs so you’re not getting frustrated on the course.

Most importantly, it’s a lot of fun and the closest thing to being on the course.