Spring Golf Etiquette

Spring Golf Etiquette

06 May, 2017

Spring Golf Etiquette The start of the golf season is a wonderful time of year. The course looks better and better each day, and you’re finally getting your stroke back. But the wet and gloomy weather means it’s important for golfers to be aware of proper etiquette during the spring months.
Regardless if you’re a one-time visitor or a long time member, keep these tips in mind when you’re golfing in the early shoulder season.

  • Dress Appropriately – It may be a little wet, and won’t be hot and sunny every day, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be expected to follow the proper dress code. Dirty jeans and an old sweat shirt won’t cut it. You might be tempted to dress down, but just be sure you’re still dressing up to the necessary standards of the golf club. Golf pants, khaki’s, shorts or skirts, an appropriate golf shirt or sportswear, and the proper shoes should be part of your golfing dress code year round.
  • Keep Carts on the Cart Path – We all want our golf course to be in pristine condition, and we want it to get there as soon as possible. In the dryer months, veering off the cart path to your ball is acceptable. But, in the early months, the course is the most susceptible to long term damage. Keeping your cart on the designated cart paths is the best way to avoid torn up fairways and deep scars in the landscaping.
  • Fix Your Divots – This should be something all golfers pay attention to throughout the entire season, but is particularly important in the spring months. The ground is a bit softer, and the grass seeds are still trying to root themselves in the soil. When you club out a chunk of turf, take the extra effort to replace it and press it back down. This allows the grass to grow stronger, and will result in a better grow in for the future. Pay close attention to any damage your swings might be causing, especially on fairways and tee boxes. The better care you take of the course now, the better shape it will be in for peak season.
  • Take Extra Care of the Greens – How the greens play could possibly be the most talked about feature of a golf course. The club puts special effort into ensuring the greens are a memorable part of your experience, but there is a responsibility of the golfers to maintain excellent greens. Gently place down flag sticks, fix any damage your ball made on impact, check for spike marks. If everyone does their part to keep the greens in good condition early, they’ll be even better throughout the remainder of the season.

Doing your part in keeping the course on par for getting in top shape should be a priority for every golfer. Putting in the extra effort will not only enhance your experience, but the experience of the other members and visitors. Be sure to check with your pro-shop before each round and ask what the condition of the greens and fairways are, and take into consideration the hard work of the course staff that’s gone into creating the course you love.

Most of all, have fun! Summer is just around the corner.