Embracing Fall Golf

Embracing Fall Golf

20 September, 2017

Embracing Fall GolfIt’s cold. It’s windy. It’s getting dark earlier. For many golfer’s, it’s quite easy to focus on the negative aspects that come with the end of the season.
It’s the experienced golfer who understands one of the best kept secrets in golf: Fall golf is amazing. OK, so maybe it isn’t a big secret, but not enough people take the time to venture out into the brisk autumn day and golf 18 holes.

For those people, here are some of the things you’re missing out on:

The Course: The colder temperature means the reaction of your shots will be different than usual. You’re going to get less roll, so you won’t be able to stretch out your drives like you’re used to. You’ll also be achieving less ball speed. This presents a new challenge for most golfers, requiring them to change their typical game plan for a course they’ve gotten familiar with. After a season of playing the same holes, cycling through your irons and changing up your approach is going to be a welcome change.

The course is also going to be less crowded, meaning you can make it through your round a bit faster. But don’t feel rushed. This is a great opportunity to take your time, work on your game by taking that extra few swings, or re-putting missed opportunities on the greens. Not having to worry about anyone else means you can focus all of your attention on yourself.

The Scenery: The Fall season takes all of the amazing views and scenery you’ve gotten familiar with over the summer and amps it up another level. Leaves start to change color and fall from the trees, providing a more vibrant environment. Even the greens and fairways get scattered with yellow, red, and orange as the leaves start to fall, offering a pretty unique experience.

The Cost: If you’re not a member, green fees are typically less expensive this time of year. Check with the clubhouse and discover shoulder season rates and take advantage of the discounted price. It’s obvious from all of the other great things about Fall golf, it certainly won’t be a discounted experience.

Take a moment and reflect on the fact that the golf season is almost over. This will make you appreciate every round, every shot, and every post-round beer even more. Who knows, knowing that the season is fleeting might even put that extra spark in your game to help hit those milestones you’ve been striving for. Whatever way you spin it, the Fall is an amazing time for golf.