5 Steps to a Successful Meeting on the Golf Course

5 Steps to a Successful Meeting on the Golf Course

May 28th, 2018

5 Steps to a Successful Meeting on the Golf Course

The golf course can be a great place to bring clients, prospective buyers, investors, or future partners. You can get a lot accomplished together on the golf course. A business meeting on the course can also be a wasted opportunity, setting you back further than you were before tee-off.

If you want to facilitate a successful meeting on the golf course, there are a few things you need to consider beforehand.

This Is Business

If you’re going to conduct a successful business meeting on the golf course, your first priority needs to be the business at hand, not your golf game.

Don’t worry about being competitive, and this isn’t the time to test out new clubs or techniques. Relax and let the game be casual, and put more energy into building a relationship, maintaining strong conversation, and confidently presenting your business objectives.

Even if you’re meeting with a naturally competitive person, prioritizing business first will lead them to do the same, and keep you in control of the ship.

Still Talk About Other Things

Like any other meeting, it’s a good idea to include some casual chit chat. If you’re only talking points are business related, the game will get stale really quick, and you’ll miss a great opportunity to get to know your prospective clients on a personal level.

A typical meeting usually lasts between 30 minutes to an hour. A meeting on the golf course is going to last 4 hours plus. Learn about the other persons family, background, how they got into the business they are in. Talk about light topics such as sports or better yet, golf equipment.

When you connect with people personally it will be easier to identify their needs professionally. Plus, when they get to know you, they’re more likely to trust working together.

Be Prepared


You would never show up to a sales pitch or a business meeting without preparing beforehand. A meeting on the golf course is no different.

Make sure you plan ahead and write down talking points, KPI’s, case studies, or whatever metrics and statistics you need to successfully present your business. Don’t be afraid to bring an iPad with a pre-loaded presentation slides, or even an infographic you created beforehand.

Just remember this isn’t the time to hand out collateral, or send the other person off with paper and brochures. And don’t forget to keep the pace. Other people are golfing too.

Timing Is Everything

Save conversation for when you’re in the golf cart either between holes or after tee-off. The tee box is no place for business talk and neither is the green.

Be mindful of other golfers and pick your moments. You’ll notice and agree that these moments are when you’re both in the cart together, or preparing for fairway shots.

Next Steps

Once you sink your final putts on 18, have a plan in place to set up a meeting outside of the course on a different date. The meeting doesn’t need to extend to the bar, and there’s no need to grab a meal afterwards.

It’s time to end the meeting and part ways. Later that day, send an email about when to meet next, and thank them for spending the day with you.

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